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By joining Japan Bridge Scandinavia, your organisation will have the opportunity to be part of the process of building deeper relations between Japan and Scandinavia and interact with stakeholders, experts and policymakers in a variety of settings, to contribute your views to the policymaking process and influence it, to join informed seminars and gain insights on social, economic and cultural issues. The annual membership fee amounts to SEK 1500. If you want to become a member, or just want know more about what a membership would mean for you and your organization, please contact: Anders Olshov, board member –, mobile: +46 733336660. The following organisations have decided to become a member:


We offer individuals the possibility to be a ”friend” of Japan Bridge Scandinavia. It costs nothing and gives you information about what is going on through our newsletter, as well as invitations to seminars and webinars. If you want to become a friend, please tell us.