Article about Swedish-style paternity leave made the front page in The Japan Times

The report ‘Scandinavia’s Sustainable Tech Banana Beckons Japan’ by Intelligence Watch resulted in an article about how Swedish-style paternity leave can boost innovation and productivity. Written by Anders Olshov, Jesper Edman and Noboru Konno, the article made the front page in The Japan Times. The article provides political and socio-economic reasons for Japan to look […]

New book by Lars Vargö Impermanence – Contrasts in Japanese Culture

Lars Vargö, Japan expert, diplomat and former guest professor and ambassador in Japan, has published a new book on the contrasts in Japanese culture, between the permanent and the impermanent with the Swedish title: Obeständigt – Kontraster i japansk kultur Here is a link to the publisher’s website where you can find the book: Obeständigt […]